Internet Speed Test

Test and calculate the speed and quality of your internet in less than a minute. After confirming your IP address, the latency and download speed of your connection is calculated and presented.

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About Internet Speed

Internet speed is the measure of how fast you can receive or download information over the internet. It is typically calculated in Mbps (megabits per second).

When your ISP offers you a 100 Mbps connection it means that ideally you can download a 100 mb file in about 8s (100 / (100 / 8) = 8). In reality, this speed is likely to be much less because of various reasons like the capacity of your router, number of devices connected, network latency and even physical factors can cause attenuation.

For a more accurate measure of your internet speed please make sure that you meet the following conditions as these could adversely affect the bandwidth available to your device

  • Have full wifi signal or connected to the LAN cable.
  • Make sure that no other devices connected to your router are downloading or streaming video.